Our favorite resources

Find the best resources for developers and data scientists, from books, websites, hardware and services.

Blogging and Hosting

Do you want to run your own blog? Or do you want to host your Saas? Here are some sites we recommend to host your web applications.


Find the hardware we use and love @ goto LCS and Live Code Stream, with recommendations that range laptops, keyboards, mouse, monitors and much more.

We only recommend products we tried our selves and that we loved.


As a developer you need a good laptop if you want to be productive. Some software we use is computational heavy, and we want our systems to run as smooth as possible.


Keyboards are the main way we interact with our computers, and having a good keyboard can make a huge difference in comfort, speed and even health.


Being a developer is not just knowing how to work with a framework, there are data structures, algorithms, patters, design theory and much that we need to learn to advance in our journey.

In this section we recommend some amazing books every developer should read.

Web resources

Internet is full of amazing sites with high quality content or services. In this section we list by categories some of these amazing websites.