Top 10 Data Science and AI Blogs in 2020

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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are emerging fields that will shape the future of this universe. Data is one of the most important assets of a company or government agency. It helps us to predict the future based on past experiences.

Medical researchers need data to invent a cure. Weather Analysts use data to investigate the atmosphere and predict weather conditions. Even, NASA sent its missions to Moon and Mars just to collect data.

In simple words, we are surrounded by data that is still unexplored. AI might help us speed up the gathering and analysis of this data.

Today, I’ll share my personal favorite blogs about Data Science and AI. I regularly read them to get an insight into the current research situation and best practices.

This list is in no particular order, all of them are great reads!

(This is not a sponsored post, all blogs listed are among my favorite reads)

1- Data Science Central

Data Science Central Homepage

Data Science Central Homepage

Data Science Central is a platform for people who are interested in both Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Many top-notch researchers and data practitioners are part of this community.

People frequently share their knowledge using blog posts, podcasts, webinars, and forums. Here, you can even find jobs related to Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Statistics.

I would highly recommend you to join this community of like-minded people. Rest assured that someone will always be available in case you need some help related to a data science project.

2- Towards Data Science

Towards Data Science Homepage

Towards Data Science Homepage

It is a blog powered by the community of data science professionals. They use it to share their ideas and code examples with us.

Basically, on Towards Data Science you will get high-quality content that is specifically designed for data science audiences. Meaning that you will often learn some new concepts and actionable tips to enhance your data science and machine learning skills.

It will be great if you already have some familiarity with programming languages like R, Python, and JavaScript. These languages are mostly used by data scientists to perform complex computations.

I myself I’m a reader and author in this popular Medium publication, and it made the list as it’s one of my daily gotos when it comes to reading about data science.

3- Live Code Stream

Live Code Stream Homepage

Live Code Stream Homepage

A few years back, I also struggle to find quality content about data science, machine learning, and AI. There were rarely any coding solutions available if you stuck somewhere.

After learning things the hard way (e.g. by experimenting with codes), I finally decided to launch this blog. The main idea is to share my data science and programming experience with you guys using to the point tutorials and guides.

For example, in the past, I published articles like Face Filters Using JavaScript and Finding Lanes Without Deep Learning .

4- Analytics Vidhya

Analytics Vidhya Homepage

Analytics Vidhya Homepage

Analytics Vidhya is always ranked among the best learning points for data science students. It’s like a one-stop-shop that offers free and paid courses, a discussion forum, and a blog. It even enables companies to hire top-notch talent by organizing competitions.

I think Analytics Vidhya is suitable for data science learners, no matter whether they are just starting out or have some professional experience.

If you looking for a machine learning or data science job then I would suggest you take part in their hackathons. It will help you build a portfolio that is very important in attracting potential clients.

5- AI Trends

AI Trends Homepage

AI Trends Homepage

As its name suggests, AI trends is focused on covering topics and news related to artificial intelligence. It might help you get ideas for your upcoming projects.

Its editorial staff includes some of the finest minds from the AI field. So, it means that bookmarking AI Trends will definitely keep you updated with the latest developments.

6- Artificial Intelligence News by MIT

Artificial Intelligence News by MIT Homepage

Artificial Intelligence News by MIT Homepage

MIT is no doubt the leading research institute for technology. They have dedicated a complete section on their website for artificial intelligence enthusiasts.

Every now and then they share research material about how a machine can learn and improve our lives. Articles like machine learning model that can reason about everyday actions and helping autonomous vehicles see around corners signify the capabilities of intelligent systems.

7- KDnuggets

KDnuggets Homepage

KDnuggets Homepage

KDnuggets is publishing articles about AI, machine learning, and data science since 1997. It is a very reputed resource among data scientists and programmers.

It also has different sections where the administrators display links for online courses, webinars, events, and jobs relevant to the community.

8- IBM Developer Code Patterns

IBM Developer Code Patterns Homepage

IBM Developer Code Patterns Homepage

Developing artificial intelligent programs is a very complex and time-consuming task. As a programmer, we often stuck in difficult coding challenges that slow down our progress.

That’s why IBM took the initiative to create a platform called Code Patterns to solve commonly faced problems by developers. They write about the best practices of working with machine learning models, data visualization, speech recognition, and everything related to the programming world.

9- Machine Learning Mastery

Machine Learning Mastery Homepage

Machine Learning Mastery Homepage

Jason Brownlee is the man behind this awesome blog about machine learning. At the time of writing this article, he has published 967 blog posts. It informs us about his consistency and familiarity with this field.

I personally learned a lot of new machine learning concepts through his step by step guides.

Jason also published 19 e-books related to machine learning and deep learning. Some of his e-books are designed for beginners while some others are for more advanced learners.

10- Datanami

Datanami Homepage

Datanami Homepage

Datanami publishes news about AI, data science, and advanced analytics. Following this website means you will be regularly updated about how the world is leveraging AI and data science.

It is one of the many websites managed by Tabor Communications . Their team consists of professionals from the tech industry who had published their thoughts and opinions through this platform.

Quality content is the number one priority of Datanami. Meaning that you will never see any useless material on their site. If you are interested in emerging technologies then Datanami can be a great resource.


The ability to make smart decisions is impossible without data. Data scientists are the ones who analyze past information and create procedures that can be followed by artificial intelligence systems.

As this market is still emerging, so it has a lot of opportunities for newcomers to get hired. But, before that having good know-how about AI and data science will be very beneficial.

So, I highly recommend you bookmark these best data science and AI blogs.