Top 10 Online Developer Communities

Top 10 Online Developer Communities

This post is another of the series of the top best places on the net for developers and data scientists but with a focus on communities. In previous articles, we covered the top development blogs , the top data sciecne and AI blogs and the top marketplaces for freelancers .

Today we are doing a special edition dedicated to the communities where we learn new things every day. From coding tips to memes, this communities can make us laugh, learn, and support each other.

The approach I’m taking today is to list all those sites I visit almost on a daily basis, and where I myself contribute or read or that have some special value in the community, though I’m not myself a user of it, and as usual, the list is in no particular order, nor any of the websites is sponsoring this post.

Time to list them and get a bit into the details:

  • GitHub
  • Stack Overflow
  • Reddit
  • Hackernoon
  • Hashnode
  • Women Who Code
  • Medium
  • Code Project
  • Quora


GitHub Homepage

GitHub Homepage

GitHub is by far the biggest and most popular open-source platform in the world at the moment of writing. With over 50 million users and almost 200 million projects, these community is the house of many open-source projects.

I’m always talking about GitHub, and how you should use it to build your portfolio and to host your projects, so it’s probably come as no surprise that this website made it into the list.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow Homepage

Stack Overflow Homepage

Have you ever wondered what is that site that you always go from google when looking for common programming issues? Likely it’s stack overflow.

Stack Overflow is the top community site to ask a question or share your problem with developers. It was also launched in 2008 and owned by Stack Exchange Inc. It is a community of around 10 million users who are logged in to answer your questions, discuss the difficulties you face in your code, and identify the problem.

There are already millions of questions that have been answered so the probability of finding an answer is very high. JavaScript, PHP, C#, Python, and Android are the main discussed topics there.


Reddit Homepage

Reddit Homepage

Reddit is a powerful network of 330 million active users. You will never run short of content on Reddit. Reddit is a discussion website where people post links, images, or any blog post, and other people comment and vote it up and down.

There are also many discussions related to programming and software development. There are several developers and software engineers and tons of never-ending discussions that can be quite helpful for developers to keep up with the new technologies.

Reddit can be amazing, it can also be brutal, it has the best discussions and I can’t have a day without logging into Reddit. It’s one of my favorite platforms.


Hackernoon Homepage

Hackernoon Homepage

Hackernoon is all about publishing technology news, blogs about programming, startups, and cryptocurrency. Hackernoon is the most diverse community and has articles about almost everything like Ai, data science, programming, etc. There are many articles about cryptocurrency and blockchain that can grab your attention.

Hackernoon is also that site you probably entered at some point that you remember for looking like an old arcade.


Hashnode Homepage

Hashnode Homepage

Hashnode is another blogging platform for developers. This platform is free to use. It is a community where you can discuss your issues related to programming, stay in contact with developers, and read articles.

Hashnode is a community of 5 million active users from around the world. Like many other websites, you can also vote for the articles.

Better Interaction with developers, discussing any query, and showcasing your project related to computer science is what makes Hashnode different from other websites.

Women Who Code

Women Who Code Homepage

Women Who Code Homepage

Women who Code is a community of developers created to empower women in the technology field. It offers you solutions related to programming, jobs, and events where they can join and interact with other developers to strengthen their skills and technical knowledge.

I’m not a member of this community, however, I mention it here for all women who code or want to start with development.


Medium Homepage

Medium Homepage

Medium not only is the platform where I choose to publish my articles, but it is also one of the biggest blogging platforms out there. I’m a member of Medium as a publisher, but I’m also a paid member as a reader.

Medium contains amazing publications related to programming, data science, AI, blockchain, but it’s much more than just that.

Here are some of my favorite publications on medium

And of course, don’t forget to check out my profile while you are there ;)

JC’s awesome medium profile Homepage Homepage is also a community of programmers and software developer where they share their experiences and views and help other developers to excel them in the field.The software industry mostly depends upon collaboration and this website provides that platform. This website has some valuable content for every developer.

Also, it is open source!


CodeProject Homepage

CodeProject Homepage

CodeProject is a website for programmers, where they share their experiences through articles, codes, and projects.

These articles can help you in many ways. There are articles on almost all languages, from web development to all computer programming languages.

CodeProject also allows its members to discuss topics other than programming in forums. One more feature is asking a question, where you can post a question and get answers from the experienced developers.

To be fair, I’m not a member, nor I use this site much but has been recommended to me multiple times, and I know people who’s always on the site, so I decided it made it to the list.


Quora Homepage

Quora Homepage

If you are like me you are probably thinking,“Quora? really?”, and yes! REALLY! I was really amazed when I saw just a small portion of the developer community on that platform.

There are people in Quora asking all sorts of questions related to the field, almost as it is stack overflow. All my impressions of the site went away after just 10 minutes of going through the content, it has everything, complex questions, to beginner level ones. It has articles, it’s amazing and full of users.

Definitely check it out!


Communities can help us learn, grow, and solve issues, they can also be a fun place. What all these sites have in common is people, and that’s what makes them great.

Do you know any other community worth mentioning? Please leave them in the comments section.

Thanks for reading!

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