Side Gigs to Make Money as a Developer

Side Gigs to Make Money as a Developer

There are already a lot of opportunities for developers. People with software development talents are becoming more valuable as the world of technology evolves. The internet has provided us with an enormous variety of opportunities, not limited by geography. As the world becomes digital, new opportunities arise. Anyone with a computer, a small amount of programming skills, and access to the internet can start making money online today.

Being a skilled programmer does not always secure you to a well-paid position in the software industry. Despite popular belief, programmers do not have an easy time at work. In reality, competition forces them into stressful working arrangements. Long hours and overtime are commonly required to meet deadlines, largely caused by last-minute revisions and feature requests.

Nowadays, developers are continuously looking towards online working arrangements that keep them in control of their own schedules. Anyone can make money online as long as they commit to the work they want to do. The only external requirement is the need for a secure and reliable connection. Below are just some of the channels or positions in which developers could make income.


Freelancing is a terrific method to supplement your income while still working full-time. The concept is simple: sell your time for money. Freelancing is an excellent side hustle choice if you are short on time or your calendar is simply too busy to fit in a part-time job. The greatest benefit of freelancing is flexibility. This benefit allows you to manage your free time to pursue the side hustle.

The good news is that freelancing allows you to earn a lot of money in exchange for the time invested, especially if you can connect with a well-funded business.

If the circumstances are right, it may even become full-time employment. Moreover, though freelancing appears to be a fantastic idea, finding clients and tasks takes a lot of discipline and effort. That is why it is important to assess your commitment and orient yourself when you consider entering freelancing. Also, since freelancing is becoming more and more popular, it is only essential to stand out from the rest. Attracting clients can be hard. Luckily, you can create a distinct path that would set you apart from the crowd.

To start, look for systems that connect companies with remote workers. Other sites where you can find freelance work include programming-related communities and freelancing platforms such as UpWork and Fiverr . Social Media platforms could also be helpful in this line of work.

Unlike most other side hustles, the bad news is that it does not result in a product. Because your output directly links time and money, you get constrained in terms of scalability.

If you want to learn more about freelancing, check out our guide: freelancing for dev .

Bounty Programs

If one thing applies to all coders it is that they will make mistakes just like anyone else. However, with this opportunity, other’s potential for errors can be your gain through the bounty program. This side hustle is a great way to earn some extra cash online. You can find plenty of these opportunities directly on software sites such as Google .

Bug Bounty Hunting

Bug hunting is getting compensated for discovering flaws in software, websites, and web applications. A corporation can use crowdsourcing to tap into a resource of information sharing.

The more people who work on a subject, the more likely it is to discover problems in programs. Moreover, most businesses do not have access to a full-time specialized security team, nor do they have the financial means to invest in such initiatives. This option gets used when private contractors come to play. Additionally, bounty programs help programmers earn tens of thousands of dollars each year as a side hustle. You can find big bounty hunting opportunities on sites like Hacker One .

Coding Contests

You can expect to make a significant amount of money from this activity. However, there is one big downside: Programming competitions are not for everyone. For this to work, you must be an expert in the field. Beyond the chance to win monetary rewards, participating in online coding contests has many other advantages. Programming contests provide a forum to express your creativity and discover new methods of doing things, which is one of the main benefits of participating.

Joining coding competitions can also get the creative juices flowing. Plus, if you succeed, you will be able to earn money as well. Another possibility is that you can also land a full-time job with a great company without being interviewed.

Design, data science, and development are their three key focus areas. A fast learning curve and a lot of fun are both guaranteed. This option might be something you want to pursue if you enjoy difficult tasks. This method of earning money online is also not for everyone, and success is not guaranteed. There is no promise of future earnings, but it does provide a platform for other online options and allows you to promote your portfolio and experience, which may lead to additional profit chances. Hackathons These are less demanding than algorithm-based, problem-solving coding competitions. Hackathons focusing on a project are always more enjoyable when completed with friends because the experience is more stimulating.

Become an Online Instructor

On one end of the scale, as an online instructor, you get to practice what you love while also reinforcing your knowledge by teaching others. With so much demand, you can make money programming and make money teaching programming. Individuals around the world are eager to learn. This option could be a great way to supplement the income, especially when you are a gifted instructor.

Depending on the technique getting adapted, you may be able to generate some semi-passive income. Some of these techniques are listed below.

  • Conduct instructional sessions that encourage students to interact face-to-face, which could occur in a one-on-one or group environment. They could be made available through traditional video calls, marketplace platforms, or webinar-style sessions. This option can implement this strategy through the marketplace or self-promotion.
  • Create a course, post it to a marketplace such as Udemy , and then sit back and let the marketplace do the promotion.
  • Create a class, host it on a web application, and promote it on your own.

Depending on the path you follow, the instructor business can initially consume a significant amount of time. Creating lectures, editing content, and preparing lecture materials and homework tasks can take a considerable amount of time. Moreover, while creating courses is exciting, remember that you must pay your taxes.

Consistently producing high-quality content will set you apart from the competition. The stakes are huge, and marketing is an important component of the game. To keep current and on top of their game, the greatest instructors update their courses regularly. Presenting yourself as a software engineer and maintaining a good web presence is critical. It will open doors to many different possibilities for your career that you otherwise would not have had or even knew existed.

Become a Writer

It’s difficult to make a living as a writer without an audience. It’s also tough to maintain regular writing momentum when you’re in the mentality of writing for money. As a result, it’s critical to write for the sake of sharing knowledge rather than for monetary gain. Consider money as a by-product. To get an audience, you can always do self-promotion or seek help using online platforms. Writing every day allows you to take ownership of your profession. It brings up new options because you are always learning and demonstrating your knowledge of the subject.

If you want to get started with small writing projects, you can start your own blog, and we will talk more about this in the future. Or you can work with us, we will coach you and help get your article to be amazing.

Once you are ready to start promoting your services, Fiverr is a great platform to start. You can list your offering there, and people will find you and hire you for their next article.

Build an App You Can Sell

Building an app is a technique that necessitates the most effort of every option on this list. You should make software that you can sell instead of building software for someone else to sell. You will also need to acquire an eye for business demands and opportunities in addition to programming skills.

To market your program, you must first create it. It is not an easy task, but it may be quite gratifying. Understanding how to sell your craft is one of the things with which programmers struggle. You will need to create a business plan and monetization strategy for the app. You can create subscription-based, pay-per-license, or outright build once, sell once models.

The first step in creating a sellable app is identifying an issue and using software to address it. Create a software product that the market requires or that assists others in solving challenges. This achievement is the most basic way to get the market to purchase the app.

Developers can market and sell any programming-related products they can develop, such as ready-made web pages, scripts, programs, and applications, using their programming knowledge. You can also combine affiliate marketing by partnering with other comparable firms to increase income-generating possibilities.

Sell an Ebook

Because this sort of writing is more extensive and time-consuming, e-books and books generally require their category. Writing a book is a terrific method to promote yourself and even earn money. You may establish the brand and create leads and sales by creating a book.

Developers have a plethora of technical information that many people wish to understand. An e-book is an excellent approach to disseminate this knowledge. The benefit of e-books is that they can get written quickly, and if you choose a topic you are enthusiastic about, they can be a lot of fun to create. Selling e-books containing coding tips, which may be published and sold through many kinds of media such as directly on Amazon , is another way to make a few cash. It appears to be simple in practice, but getting started requires a great deal of patience and persistence.

Mentor People

Mentoring, either online or in-person, can be a terrific opportunity to share your expertise with people and businesses that need it. You can advertise yourself as a skilled resource person in this subject as a programmer who can give significant insights. Most programmers have extensive knowledge of computers, networks, and hardware in addition to software and programming skills.

Industries that make extensive use of technical resources and have integrated digital marketing into their operations are more likely to request an online help resource. This situation is when mentoring becomes handy. Choose a skill that you excel in. Make sure it’s also something programming-related that you love teaching others.

Find out what the most common problems are for newcomers in that area. There are many disciplines of computer science and development that can give an excellent topic for mentoring purposes. Mentoring is a great way to pass on your knowledge to the next and upcoming developers. You can find great mentoring opportunities on CodeMentor .

Build WordPress Plugins or Themes

Building WordPress plugins and themes is one of the finest methods to make money online by thinking long-term. WordPress has surpassed the bar as the most popular content management system on the market. You can choose to charge more for premium plugins and themes, charge pre-users, monetize through ads, or collect donations. You may also establish social proof by making plugins and themes available for free. If no one knows who you are yet, it is occasionally a good idea to show off a few freebies.

WordPress Statistics

WordPress has a market share of 60.8% in the content management system market and gets used by 14.7% of the top websites on the internet. There are almost 55,000 plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Although the market may appear saturated, consider the number of plugins that are not yet available for WordPress. Or the number of new attractions and companies that are springing up in your neighborhood but lack an online presence. You can start selling your plugins on various internet marketplaces to start making money with them.

Find a Remote Job

I know this is not the sexies option we are offering, but it is a very compelling one. There are an increasing number of opportunities to work fully remote, from home, with flexible schedules and that’s something to value.

We believe in remote working, and thus we built sites to help developers find excellent remote opportunities anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in remote positions, please check out our sites for python and javascript:

For other languages a simple google search will provide you many options.


As the world embraces going digital, it is only important to cope with it. Nowadays, there are various ways to generate money online, particularly if one is a developer. All you need to do now is be resourceful and persistent in the search. It also pays to learn other important expertise to make you more marketable and a good client prospect.

There is no such thing as quick cash. Making money with programming can be quite profitable if you take decisive steps and take action. The internet provides limitless opportunities for extra income in just a few clicks. All that you need to do is to know how to use it.

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