Programming Memes

Programming memes

Everyone loves a good laugh, and this past weekend with some time in hand due to the Easter holidays I spent some time browsing my almost forgotten facebook account. I don’t use my FB account much, but everytime I open the app it never fails to deliver quality meme content. Since today we already shared a serious post, let me now show you some great programming memes, so we can relax and laugh.

(Sorry for the terrible picture quality in some of those memes)

Are you a bit off too? Don’t worry, this memes collection will cheer you up.

Knock Knock. Who’s there? Pre-written destiny

Bugs, bugs, bugs

Due to COVID we are not going out for dinner anymore, here are the results:

On naming variables

It’s the law

That moment when…

On googling for help

I hope you all liked it! If you have more memes that could live on this page, feel free to mention me on twitter @bajcmartinez.

Have a great week everyone!


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