Learn Web Development with These Fantastic Courses and for Only a Few Bucks (2021 Edition)

Learn web development with these fantastic courses and for only a few bucks (2021 edition)

I often hear or talk to people who want to get into tech, who want to learn to code, but they are terrified of its idea. It is common for people to think that to be a programmer, a web developer, you have to be a computer nerd, genius, or have some kind of innate talent for computer science, and it couldn’t be any more wrong.

Sure, computer science is a super hard discipline, and if you want a CS degree on top of all the technical classes, you also have that big scary math, but no worries, you probably don’t need that to work as a web developer and start changing your life.

It is essential to understand how computers, the internet, and browsers work, at least on a superficial level, and have the programming knowledge required to build websites and web applications.

With that said, if you focus your energy on learning how to program and learning the language of the web, you can already start applying for positions as a web developer, and I can promise you that YOU CAN DO IT!

After a conversation about that, the next question people ask is, how do I get started? , and I often share those tips and some resources and options they can use to learn.

When I share resources, I always give multiple options, from free resources like this site, freeCodeCamp , to expensive trainings like boot camps or, one of my favorites lately, Udacity .

And honestly, there are enough FREE resources to learn anything you need to know, but it’s not for everyone. Some people prefer the contents more prepared, more digested, but not everyone wants or can pay the high costs of the most expensive options, and here enters Udemy .

Udemy is a website that offers an incredible collection of courses which are user-generated and that you can get for a very low price. Even when courses are more expensive, like 100usd, it is very likely that you will find a coupon on Google, or that Udemy will be on special promotions. You will end up paying just a small fraction of the original price, so usually around 10-15usd.

Because contents are user-generated, in Udemy, you can find some great courses, some ok courses, and some bad. The site has metrics such as ratings and reviews to evaluate before purchase, and in case you buy something you didn’t like, there’s a return policy, but beware of how it works if you plan to use it.

Next, I’ll introduce you to some course recommendations for web developers, they all cover the basics, and I’ll split the courses by generic content, specific frameworks, and a bonus.

Beginner Full Stack Web Development: HTML, CSS, React &Amp; Node

If you want a single course covering everything related to web development, this course is for you. This bestseller course targets beginners and mid-level developers.

It covers everything, from the basics with HTML (content), CSS (style and appearance), and JavaScript (logic), to GIT (source control), backend development (server development), and an introduction to React (a framework to build web applications).

React – The Complete Guide

React is a framework used to build web applications. There are many more, but React is one of the most popular among developers and employers. My recommendation is to learn, React, Angular or Vue because those 3 have the most job opportunities. This particular course introduces the user to the world of React. Most courses that cover JS frameworks will assume you have some HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge, so focus on learning the basics first and then jump into this one to become a React front-end developer.

Here are some of the topics covered in the course:

  • Basics of React.js and its syntax
  • Managing React State
  • React Hooks: How to use other React state and features without writing a new class
  • Styling React components
  • Basics to advanced concepts of Redux
  • Making forms and form validation in React
  • A brief introduction to Next.js

It’s also important to mention that this course is one of the best-sellers in Udemy.

Angular: The Complete Guide (2021 Edition)

Angular is another popular framework, and you can read an interesting article about the uses of Angular and how it compares to others .

Similar to the React course, some basic knowledge of web development is required.

Vue: The Complete Guide

Vue.Js is an open-source front-end JavaScript framework to assist in making modern user-interface of websites. With Vue.js, we can build interactive front ends of web applications. Web pages become extremely responsive with Vue.js, and there is virtually no loading time between pages. Vue.js gives the same user experience that a mobile app gives but now in the browser and that what makes it one of the most popular frameworks of 2021. This course is another bestseller course that covers Vue.js from basics to advance. Main topics that this course covers are:

  • A brief introduction to Vue.js
  • The basics
  • Listening to events and output reactive data
  • Introduction to DOM
  • Deep dive into Vue.js
  • Adding animation and transition in your apps
  • Creating SPA (Single Page Application)
  • State Management using Vuex
  • Deploying App

Special Bonus: Python, from Zero to Hero

Recently I wrote an article on the best programming languages to start your journey , and in there I talk about Python is a great option and my personal favorite.

I consider this a special bonus, as you can’t fully build a web application with Python. Python is great for the logic, for the backend, but not for front-end or web design. In that sphere, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are king.

However, Python is still a great programming language to know, it’s super friendly for beginners, and many important computer science concepts are super easy with Python. Check out my article, and if you decide to give it a try, here is the course I recommend to get you started with Python.

Thanks for reading!

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