The Best Mice for Developers in 2021

The best mice for developers in 2021

For many developers, the mouse is not a big deal. I’ve seen a fair share of devs using the touchpad of their laptops or just a random mouse they found. But did you know that a mouse can actually make a difference? Perhaps the perks are not as obvious as for a gamer, but a good mouse is important, and here we are going to talk about why, and also recommend you some options which in our experience, make the best selection right now.

Thinking of how much time we spend on our computers, we believe ergonomics is the most important perk to consider. So, a mouse designed taking into account the shape of a hand is very desirable. We know that having gear that doesn’t tire us is fundamental. Also, it is worth thinking about our budget and how much we are willing or can spend. See it as an investment.

We can find very good wireless mouses or wired ones. So we have to think about whether we move around a lot in our daily work time, how comfortable and organized our workstation is, or if we just don’t like wires. That will give us an idea of what kind of option to choose.

Materials used by the manufacturer are something to think about because it is desirable to buy a product that lasts. We are going to invest, and we want our mouse to be comfortable but also yielding. For example, the standard number of clicks the switches can withstand should be at least 20 million even to consider it.

How much our mice weigh will affect the amount of strength we must put into moving it, no matter how small it might be. Its precision, measured in how many dots per lineal inch (DPI) the mouse detects, will determine the accuracy performance to capture our every movement and reflect it on screen.

Battery, on the other hand, will determine our autonomy in wireless work time between charges and is, of course, desirable to have as much as we can. Finally, some other perks like RGB compatibility or specific program-oriented profiles included are nice to get our hands-on.

We have tested multiple mice, and we present the most relevant ones here. And remember to read until the end to find out which ones from the list our team uses on their day-to-day.

Logitech MX Master 3

Best overall
Logitech MX master 3

Logitech MX master 3

Specially made for developers, the MX Master 3 is fast, precise, and really quiet. It has been produced with an ergonomic design that was crafted to fit the shape of our hands and has very comfortable thumb support.

It’s a 141g mouse equipped with the Logitech Darkfield Tracking 4000 DPI sensor to accomplish good accuracy on almost any surface, even glass. The all-new MagSpeed scrolling wheel will let us scroll 1000 lines in a second and stop at the desired point of our code line, and having two scrolling wheels, we can go vertical and horizontal. All of this, added to 7 programmable buttons.

Connected through Bluetooth, we will be able to work for up to 70 days on a full charge, which gives us significant autonomy. If running low on battery, a 1-minute quick-charge through the USB-C port will result in 3 hours of use.

It has extra lovely perks. Customization oriented to specific apps such as browsers, video calls, or photo editing software. It has multi-OS compatibility, so we can run it on Windows, Linux, or macOS and can be paired to up to 3 different devices.

It’s a bit overweight and may seem a little pricey. But still, we recommend this mouse to developers that may have other hobbies, such as photo or video editing, using video calls often, and are willing to increase their budgets and obtain a very comfortable mouse.

Logitech MX ERGO Trackball

Best ergonomic
Logitech MX ERGO Trackball

Logitech MX ERGO Trackball

MX ERGO’s primary goal is to achieve customizable, improved forearm posture and reduce muscular activity. With that in mind, the design includes a trackball to move the cursor and an adjustable tilt that lets us choose up to a 20° angle to adjust our wrist and forearm posture to our position of choice. A hand-crafted shape that provides full palm support and soft rubber for comfortable grip completes an excellent ergonomic design.

It can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth or wired through unifying USB, which spares valuable ports. The Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking provides us with up to 2048 DPI of precision to capture our movements. With six programmable buttons, it can run on multiple OS -such as Windows, macOS, or iPadOS- and can also be paired with up to two devices.

This 164g mouse -without the metal plate receiver- can work for up to 4 months on a full charge, which gives us significant autonomy. If running low on battery, a 1-minute charge through a micro USB port will result in 24 hours of use.

Having all its perks in mind, we recommend MX ERGO to those developers who have a small workstation and can adjust their budget. The trackball will let us navigate without moving our hand, and the posture accomplished will let us work almost avoiding muscular fatigue.

Razer Basilisk X

Best overall
Razer Basilisk X

Razer Basilisk X

A wireless option focused on autonomy and ergonomics. Basilisk X has an excellent battery life that can lead to up to 450 hours of use. It’s made with an ergonomic form to provide comfortable hand and thumb support, aiming to sustain long hours of use.

It was designed with a dual connection, which means we can link it through Razer’s technology, hyperspeed, or Bluetooth. It’s worth saying that using hyperspeed connection will result in approximately 285 hours of use. Using it in Bluetooth mode is the only way to get the most extended battery lifespan before we need a recharge. The good news is that in any connection mode used, we won’t even notice delays thanks to the high-speed transmission and low click latency.

Also, a solid Razer 5g optical sensor of 16000 DPI gives us maximum precision, and the onboard DPI storage is included to set different profiles according to our necessities. It has six programmable buttons to be used as we see fit, and we will have to download and use Razer Synapse software to configure it.

Regarding its construction, Basilisk X is an 83g mouse with mechanical switches intended to accomplish a durability of 50 million clicks and has standard stock feet. With no RGB aura for those who don’t like it.

Considering its price, we believe this mouse can be an excellent middle-budget option. We recommend it for every developer willing to spend a little more and obtain outstanding results.

Roccat Kone Pro Air

Most comfortable
Roccat Kone pro air

Roccat Kone pro air

Roccat focused on ergonomics through anthropometric research and rough material components for the design of Kone Pro Air. Built to ensure a comfortable palm grip and discrete thumb support, this is a stalwart 75g mouse.

It comes with its own newfangled Titan switch technology tested to ensure 100 million clicks and actuates based on light. It works through a light beam blocked by the mouse’s switch that recognizes clicks and allows light to pass through, sending that signal to your computer. Roccat’s firmware ensures no delay and great accuracy through the process. It also has a solid aluminum wheel to reduce weight without losing hardness.

Talking more about Roccat’s technology, the Owl-Eye 19k DPI optical sensor will excel in providing astounding accuracy. For connection, we can use Stellar wireless mode or Bluetooth mode, depending on our needs. A solid battery of about 100 hours that can be fast-charged through USB-C and give us 5 hours of use with just 10 minutes of charging completes a reliable product.

The quality and durability of this mouse are hard to be questioned. We recommend it to those with a bigger budget and want to go with a comfortable and, ultimately, the most lightweight product possible.

Corsair Harpoon

Budget mouse
Corsair Harpoon

Corsair Harpoon

Designed with very lightweight construction components, rubber side grips, and a contoured shape that aims to fit our hand, Harpoon is a 99g mouse that achieves two goals, it’s comfortable and lets us avoid fatigue.

It has a dual connection. Through Slipstream Corsair’s technology, we can get up to 45 hours of use with lights off. Bluetooth connection is also possible and will withstand up to 60 hours of autonomy, also with lights out. It can also be used USB wired through a 1.8 tangle-free rubber cable.

A 10000 DPI optical sensor provides good precision tracking of every movement we make, and highly resistant Omron switches tested to withstand up to 50 million clicks. Added to this, it doesn’t require any configuration and has six programmable buttons to set different combinations of our choice.

Although it might be considered a bit pricy for the features provided, we consider Harpoon a worthy choice. We recommend it for developers just starting in business but with a higher budget.

Asus TUF Gaming M3

Asus TUF Gaming M3
Asus TUF Gaming M3

Asus TUF Gaming M3

Asus provides us with this low-end compact mouse that has a lot to offer. A lightweight 84g and ergonomic design aims to achieve comfortable maneuvering through palm or claw grip.

It’s fabricated with 20-million-click heavy-duty Omron switches and Teflon feet ready to withstand up to 250 kilometers of use. Seven programmable buttons and an integrated memory are included to use our configuration if we switch pc or, eventually, workstation.

A tangle-free 1.8 meters USB cable will let us work without interruption since we won’t have charging times or worry about the battery. It has a 7000 DPI sensor to achieve good precision in tracking our movement.

Like all the TUF line from Asus, the idea behind the choice of components is that they are meant to last. The nice thing is that if we have other Asus products, we can sync them up through AURA RGB for those days when we don’t want lights on.

All of these, for a very affordable price considering the perks and quality it has to offer. This is an excellent option for those who are just starting as developers and have a modest budget.

Razer Pro Click

Razer pro click
Razer pro click

Razer pro click

Humanscale is a leading designer in ergonomic products to improve the health and comfort of our work life. To produce this mouse, Razer teamed up with Humanscale to create the Pro Click and presented us with this 106g high-end wireless mouse focused on office ergonomics.

The idea behind its design aims to the most comfortable palm support achievable to prevent our wrist from anchoring onto work surfaces, provide excellent thumb support, and alleviate strain and promote the best arm posture. The thought behind it: all-day relief at work.

It has a long-lasting battery of about 400 hours connected through Bluetooth or 200 hours using 2.4GHz wireless. It has a USB-A to micro-USB cable for charging or even wired use if wanted. It’s also equipped with a multi-host connectivity perk for up to four devices (such as desktop, laptop, tablet, or tv, for example) without the need to pair and unpair when shifting.

A 5G optical sensor of 16000 DPI gives us maximum precision in tracking our moves. And it’s also equipped with mechanical Razer Pro Click switches that are durable up to 50 million clicks, plus eight programmable buttons.

All of these perks round up in a rock-steady option. We recommend this mouse for every developer willing to stretch the budget a little more than the average and obtain an incredible product in return.


What mouse you use for coding may seem trivial; however, as we detailed in our analysis, having the right mouse for you can significantly impact your performance and comfort.

There are some standards in the industry that every manufacturer undertakes to comply with -or at least tries to- when it comes to what we can find in the market. Durable products that can withstand millions of clicks. Great precision optical sensors to track our moves. Ergonomic designs and lightweight components to achieve comfortability and avoid fatigue. Batteries that can stay working for as much time as possible. Different types of connections and some other perks, just like multi-device pairing. These features combined make a great mouse, and we just have to choose between one of them based on our budget and our likes.

Personally, I own a Logitech MX master 2, I had it for around 2 years and it is still going strong. I honestly love it, and when it dies, I’ll get the newer version, the MX master 2, or perhaps even the 4 if it’s already out.

Do you agree with our selection? Please let us know in the comments what mouse you own, which one you would like to have, or even which features you appreciate the most in a mouse.

Thanks for reading!

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