AI Code Mentor - Coming Soon!

AI Code Mentor - Coming Soon!

I love programming.

But, even more than that, I love teaching people how to code.

Just about the only thing that is more rewarding than writing a program or fixing a bug is helping someone else learn to do it.

So, ever since I launched this site, I’ve been working hard to teach coding to people all over the world.

And, I’m getting ready to release something new and exciting that is the farthest leap forward in my quest to help achieve this goal.

Artificial Intelligence is in the news lately.

I’ve written about it recently, and we’ve all seen news articles, videos, and posts about the stunning advances in AI brought through Chat-GPT.

There’s no doubt, AI is the wave of the future, and that means the way we write and work with programming will change.

AI Is Our New Best Friend

If you are reading this, I highly doubt you are too afraid that AI will create a terminator-style cataclysmic event.

I’m not either.

But, I do think it will change how we operate.

In the distant past, the only really good way to learn programming was to take a formal class in school or college.

You had to pick up textbooks, memorize programming languages by hand, and do much of your work on paper.

This is still important.

If you want to get a job as a programmer, chances are you’ll have to do a technical or coding interview that will require you to write code on a white board, so this is still an important skill to know.

More recently, people have been able to learn how to write code with the help of Youtube and online communities.

This was a huge step forward, making coding easier and cheaper to learn, and allowing more people the opportunity to test it out and pick up new, important skills.

But, recent advances in AI have opened up yet another opportunity for a huge new leap forward.

Introducing AI Code Mentor

In the past, you’ve had to use paper books, watch videos, or take a course to learn programming.

AI Code Mentor is a huge step forward because it pairs you up with a friendly AI, Ada, to help you learn to code.

This is a completely interactive platform that responds dynamically to your skills and helps you learn to code based on your knowledge and interest.

With AI Code Mentor, Ada (the friendly AI at the heart of our program) becomes your mentor, guiding you through the entire process of learning how to program.

When we release AI Code Mentor, everything will change.

When you partner with Ada, you’ll begin to write code in a new way.

You’ll build real-world programs

From the start, Ada will help you build the sort of real-world programs that you’d build as a professional programmer.

One of the biggest problems with education in the past has been how to translate your “learning” to real-world challenges.

It is one thing to build a “hello world” program, but it is another to take that principle and apply it to a real situation, where a client or customer has issues.

Ada will help you learn programming for the real world.

Ada Adapts to You

Ada is an AI, but her personalized approach to your learning experience means it doesn’t feel like it.

Ada adapts to your learning style and progress, providing tailored guidance and feedback to help you improve.

So, whether you are a complete beginner or are looking to pick up new skills, Ada adapts to you.

She learns you so you can learn programming in the best possible way suited for you.

Learn at Your Own Pace

No more booking classes, or trying to keep up with a video - constantly pausing and endlessly rewinding to keep pace with your work.

With AI Code Mentor you can code anytime, anywhere.

Work fast or slow, Ada matches your speed.

Early morning or late night, Ada will be there.

You determine how and when you will learn programming!

Real Human Help When You Need It.

Ada is wonderful.

But we all know how frustrating it can be when all you really need or want is to speak to another person - but you can’t seem to reach anyone.

At AI Code Mentor, we’ve created an experience that isn’t just about AI.

You get the best of both worlds.

There is a team standing by to help you if you need them.

You can always reach us if or when you need us.

Learning how to code needs to be easier, and with AI Code Mentor, it will be easier than ever!

I can’t wait to show you.

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Juan Cruz Martinez - Author @ Live Code Stream

Juan Cruz Martinez

Juan has made it his mission to help aspiring developers unlock their full potential. With over two decades of hands-on programming experience, he understands the challenges and rewards of learning to code. By providing accessible and engaging educational content, Juan has cultivated a community of learners who share their passion for coding. Leveraging his expertise and empathetic teaching approach, Juan has successfully guided countless students on their journey to becoming skilled developers, transforming lives through the power of technology.