5 Reasons to Start Your Freelancing as a Web Developer

5 reasons to start your freelancing as a web developer

Last week, I announced that I’ve updated the focus for Livecodestream.dev.

From now on, we’ll be talking about building a career in web development.

This new focus on web development is a big change, but it’s an exciting and necessary one because of how rapidly things are changing in programming.

New technologies associated with Web3 and Blockchain are transforming how we use the internet, and I always want to prepare you for the future, helping you build a great career.

The best way for you to take advantage of these new technologies is to learn about web development.

Many readers are a little hesitant about learning web development.

Why learn web development when you want to go into cyber security, software development, game design, or another specialization?

I’ll tell you why:

1. Web development isn’t just about websites any longer.

Virtually every new appliance, app, tool, or program now requires internet access and software to operate. In many cases, the technologies under the hood of those apps rely on web technologies like HTML or JavaScript, but why?.

JavaScript’s popularity has grown outside of only web development because of its cross-platform availability, efficiency, and availability of resources. And, it is easy to learn too.

Years ago, a company would have to develop the android, iOS, and web versions of the same app independently. This required different teams with different people, different skills, and a lot more money.

Today, a single team can reuse much of the code and deliver all those apps without duplicating the work. All thanks to web development technologies.

The skills you develop with web development open doors to practically anywhere you want to work, and a simple look at the market and job openings on virtually any job marketplace will confirm this.

2. Web development teaches you critical skills.

Learning to code helps you train and improve your brainpower. Many school programs now include some level of introduction to programming to unlock and master some critical thinking required to solve computational problems.

Learning web development helps you transform your analytical thinking and requires knowledge of soft skills just as design, user experience, and understanding of user needs. This combination provides you with incredible tools to progress your career, whether as a web developer or not.

3. Web development uses universal languages.

One of the most common questions I get is, “what language should I start with?” Starting with a relatively simple language like JavaScript (what I teach on LiveStreamCode.dev) helps you learn a universal language that helps you with every other language. JavaScript opens the doors to different companies and specialties within the development world and makes other programming languages more accessible.

Like I always say, it is not so much about which programming language is the best or easier to learn, but it is about what’s the best one to learn for YOU, and JavaScript crosses many of those checks and will get you up and ready for the job market fast.

And if after you have learned web development, you think it’s not the right fit for you, and you prefer to write algorithms on Python or Games, your knowledge is not wasted. Once you master one programming language, you have the right mental model, and jumping to another one will be much easier than the first time. This is why it is so common to see developers have some experience in multiple programming languages, even with very different scopes.

4. Web development is in high demand.

My goal at Livecodestream.dev isn’t just to teach you a fun hobby but to help you start a fun, fulfilling, and exciting career. There has never been a better time to become a web developer. Everyone from every type of business is frantically searching for skilled web developers, and this demand will only continue to grow.

5. You can use web development to build any sort of career you want.

Web development can be a stepping stone or a gateway to almost any related career path. Web developers can become experts in UI design, application development, web3, blockchain, or even IoT applications.

It’s the perfect foundation to build the career you want, doing something that interests you, and working with people who you like.

The sky’s the limit for people with the skills we’ll be learning over the next year. Whether you are just starting or are looking for a new career, we’ll be developing the tools you need to jump into this exciting career.

Stay tuned!

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Juan Cruz Martinez - Author @ Live Code Stream

Juan Cruz Martinez

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