2022 Will Be a Big Year for My Team at Livecodestream.dev

2022 will be a big year for my team at livecodestream.dev

I know it is a late start for new year resolutions, but I needed to take some time to think about the direction I want to take for this site, and what would that mean for all of you.

I’ve always been passionate about programming. I love virtually every part.

But, I especially love teaching others about my passion.

But, things in programming move quickly. We are always on the cutting edge of new, exciting, and transformative technological changes.

This is why I’m announcing a big change.

Without any doubts the introduction of Bitcoin and blockchain are changing the world as new applications unlock more potential for the blockchain technology. But what does it mean for us, developers? Do we need to drop what we are learning and jump into web3?

The short answer is NO, however, if you are already familiar with web development, moving to web3 is just a step further and it can open many opportunities for you.

So, in 2022, I’ll focus my efforts on teaching you how to become a web developer, and how to use that knowledge to jump into web3 and blockchain development.

As always, my goal is to teach you how to become a successful developer, and this involves two critical things.

You need to learn technical skills like coding, best practices, libraries, and fixing broken code.

But, the thing that sets the best programmers apart from the rest is the “soft skills” like creating a resume that gets you noticed, landing your first client, crushing your interview, making professional connections, and leveraging those technical skills.

It isn’t enough to know how to write code. You must know how to leverage this knowledge in a way that sets you apart.

This is why we are changing our focus on livecodestream.dev .

In 2022 and beyond, we are putting all our focus into helping you become the best web developer you can be.

Why web development?

I believe it’s the best way to future-proof your career.

Right now,

  • There are more web-development jobs than ever before (far more than there are people to do the job).
  • People with skills in web development are needed for almost every business in every industry.
  • Companies are paying more than ever before for people with web development skills.
  • The skills you hone as a web developer open the doors to an unlimited amount of opportunities.
  • Web3 is the next big thing, blockchain technology, but knowing web development is a must if you want to bring any web3 application.

Throughout this year and beyond, all our content will be around this topic, including things like:

  • What programming languages to learn.
  • The hard and soft skills that you need to develop as a web designer.
  • How to find your first paying customer.
  • How to chart the best career path for YOU.
  • Where to find work as a freelancer.
  • Choosing a specialization as a web developer.

I launched LiveCodeStream.dev because I wanted to share my passion for programming with you and help you build a successful, fulfilling, and financially rewarding career.

This is why we are embarking on this journey together.

I hope you’ll join me because I can’t wait to help you create a career you love.

Thanks for reading!

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Juan Cruz Martinez - Author @ Live Code Stream

Juan Cruz Martinez

Juan has made it his mission to help aspiring developers unlock their full potential. With over two decades of hands-on programming experience, he understands the challenges and rewards of learning to code. By providing accessible and engaging educational content, Juan has cultivated a community of learners who share their passion for coding. Leveraging his expertise and empathetic teaching approach, Juan has successfully guided countless students on their journey to becoming skilled developers, transforming lives through the power of technology.