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    • Learn to code tips. Are you a beginner coder looking to start your journey? Our newsletter provides all the tips and resources you need to understand the basics of coding, from HTML and CSS to JavaScript and Python. We provide step-by-step tutorials, advice on problem solving, coding challenges, and access to online communities where you can ask questions and get help from experienced developers. Get the skills you need to succeed in your coding endeavors and land your dream job.
    • Career advice, freelancing. Actionable advice on how to land your dream job, interviewing, resume tips, how to succeed in your role, or how to launch and succeed in your freelancing career. I write from my personal experience and the information that I collect from many of my friends and colleagues that are doing this for years.
    • Python and JavaScript tutorials and guides. If you’re looking to hone your programming skills, our newsletter is filled with the latest tutorials and guides on popular languages like Python and JavaScript. Not only do we provide step-by-step instructions, but we also offer insights into the best practices for building web applications. With access to educational resources, coding challenges, and tech events, we ensure you stay up-to-date and have the necessary tools to land your next job or project.
    • Building digital products, SaaS. Are you looking to build your own digital products and SaaS? Our newsletter offers all the resources and tips you need to build, launch and scale your own products. We don’t focus much on the business aspect, but rather on web development, architecture and product recommendations to take your product to the next level.
    • Engineering best practices. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest engineering best practices, including software design patterns, system architecture principles, agile development methods, and much more. Our newsletter provides expert insight into how to build systems that are reliable, scalable, and secure. Plus, we offer case studies from successful companies that have implemented cutting-edge engineering techniques.
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