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My Book

Freelancing 101 For Developers

Launch and grow a sustainable career as a freelancer.

  • Chapter 1: The Freelancer Mindset
  • Chapter 2: Choosing Your Niche
  • Chapter 3: Building Your Toolbox
  • Chapter 4: Pricing
  • Chapter 5: Lead Generation
  • Chapter 6: Closing the Sale
  • Chapter 7: Working with Clients
  • Chapter 8: Handling Difficult Situations with Clients
  • Chapter 9: The Freelancer Schedule
  • Chapter 10: The Important but Boring Legal Stuff
  • Chapter 11: Freelancing While Working Full Time
  • Chapter 12: Embracing the Journey
  • Chapter 13: What’s Next?
  • Chapter 14: Bonus: My Top Websites for Finding Freelance Work


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