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I’m Juan Cruz Martinez, the founder of I love programming, and I believe in the power of coding not just to build a better world but to make YOUR life better.

I founded because I wanted to help you learn how to code, build a better career, and, ultimately, create a better life. That happened to me over a decade ago when I first started coding, and it happens to tens of thousands of people daily. I want YOU to join that revolution.

No matter what you call it, writing code, programming, software development, or anything else, the skills involved are in increasingly high demand. And whether you want to get into website development, game design, blockchain development, or anything else, I want to help you.

Live the life you want

Creating an extraordinary life through writing code.

Want to build a rewarding career as a software developer?

Every successful career in programming is built on three things:

  • technical proficiency
  • Navigating the complexities of a constantly changing career
  • being intentional about the work they want to pursue.

I launched to help you develop the skills and clarity you need to get each of these areas right.

Too many people want to teach you about one of these things, but what good is having advanced programming knowledge if you hate your job and want to go out on your own?

I want to help you become a better programmer. But I want to help you build the skills that will help you use your technical understanding to create the life and career you want.

I took part in a bootcamp but it was too fast-paced for me, that's when Juan helped, doing some extra hours of pair programming with him, getting his advice and coding tips helped me complete my program and become a web developer. Today I work as a FE developer and I still meet with Juan over to chat and discuss coding and life.

Dave Front-End Developer @ BG


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    Are you looking to deepen your programming skills?
    If you think you are ready to begin making money with your programming passion, I know how to help you. Whether you are looking for a career change or just to pick up some extra work, I can help you avoid the pitfalls that trip many people up when trying to launch their programming careers.
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